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Z06 Technikerschulung - Frank the Judge - 10.08.2005

Von Stanleyp aus einem amerikanischen Forum.

Ob den deutschen Technikern sowas auch gut täte? Oder ist das hier ebenso obligatorisch?

Zitat:Z06 Technician Training
Chevrolet has determined that the following service classes are essential to properly service and repair the 2006 Chevrolet Z06. To qualify to receive distribution, dealers must agree to purchase the Z06 essential tools and have completed the following service courses:
10290.13D – 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Features & Systems (Service Know How Seminar)
10441.17D – 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Diagnosis and Repair (IDL Broadcast)
16440.12D – Engines New and Updates (IDL Broadcast)

The 2006 Z06 will be the first US production car to use an aluminum frame, magnesium cradle and carbon fiber body components. These high-tech features require specialized service and repair procedures.

Dealerships that do not have a body shop can provide GM training for their selected sublet facility. The technicians that take and pass the training are entered in to the GM Training data base and assigned to that dealership.

With the aluminum frame and carbon fiber panels, there are four classes that will be required for body shop repairs. Taken together, these courses will enable body service Corvette Z06 certification:
WCA01 – Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding
WCA02 – Automotive Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding Qualification Test Prep
WCA03 – Automotive Aluminum GMA (MIG) Welding Qualification Test
GEN01 – 2006 Corvette Z06 Collision Repair Overview

TIP: The Aluminum (MIG) Welding courses must be taken in sequential order.

I-CAR has been selected to develop and provide this training. You can access the I-CAR training site through the GM Training web site at and click on the associated links to I-CAR. The I-CAR help desk phone number is 1.800.422.7872, and the website is

TIP: You must pre-register at least four weeks in advance with I-CAR. You must pre-pay I-CAR; payment options are on the pre-registration form.

The Service Know How and IDL broadcasts are scheduled to begin in August 2005. The I-CAR training should be started now to provide adequate time to get the body shop personnel through the training. Each of the I-CAR classes lasts approximately 4 hours.

If your dealership has questions regarding the required service training they should contact the Training help desk at 1.800.

- mario makary - 10.08.2005

Den deutschen Mechanikern die bei GM arbeiten täte das mit Sicherheit gut huahua

Gruß Mario