Changes to Car for German Registration?
Hey Guys

Just an update...

I have the car, and passed the Old Timer inspection... I just need to adjust my parking brake and replace some lights, and I should be good to go!

The guy doing the old timer inspection thought that the side pipes were too loud on the right side.... no kidding!

Since I am almost ready, you can expect and early winter and snow soon :(

Here is a pic of the car in the Garage
[Bild: 67-Barn.jpg]

And me and my son, going out for a drive
[Bild: 67-D-H.jpg]
Congrats Yeeah!

The weather should become nicer in your area the next days so you surely can take her out for a ride driver

BTW very nice car OK!

Hallo-gruen Patriot

Well I FINALLY got everything together and its now registered with Historical Plates!

Took longer than I thought, but I ended up doing more than I had originally intended.

Try go drive it as much as I can before it gets too cold!
[Bild: 1stDrive2.jpg]
Concgats! Nice looking car!
Indeed it took a long time to pass the registration Waaas?
What was the major item?
The missing wipers? Zwinkern

Congrats....still a few good days to come....make use of them before winter kicks in. OK!
The main culprit was what we call in English "Project Creep"
I don't know how you say that in German, but another way to say it is. -"while I am at it" disease.

Last October, I had a short in my engine bay wiring harness... so it ALL started with taking the wiring harness out. While I was there, I decided to send the wiper motor off for a rebuild... and I noticed that my starter wasn't correct, so I pulled that of and got another one... and also, I had a GTO alternator, so I bought the correct 67 Corvette one.

By Christmas last year EVERYTHING except the engine was out of the Engine bay, and Everything was out of the Passenger compartment. I wish I had taken more photos, but this is all I can find
[Bild: Restoration-01.JPG]
[Bild: Restoration-02.JPG]

I ended up replacing the Dash harness, new seat frames, pads and covers, rebuilt glovebox, sent steering box off to be rebuilt, rebuilt the steering hoses, new heater core... on and on... it was a busy year.

The picture (without the wipers) was its maiden voyage around mid-July.

But its all together now (with wiper) and I just took these photos...
[Bild: 67-Finished-Sept14-03.JPG]
[Bild: 67-Finished-Sept14-08.JPG]
and I have a few parts left over that I didn't use or didn't need, extra US Made SAE tools, and various other things that I have listed for sale here at the Corvette Forum's for sale area.... check it out!

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