30 Juni 65TH Corvette Anniversary meeting Wezep
Hallo Corvette Forum Freunde

30 Juni 2018 gibt es in Holland ein groses Corvette Treffen in Wezep.

Die Hollandische Corvette Clubs: Stingray'82, Heartbeat Corvette Club und NCRS the dutch Chapter Feieren dan am die geburtstag die Corvette die 65th anniversary.

Alle sind welkom, eintrit ist free!!

This year, on Saturday the 30th of June, it is exactly 65 years ago that the very first Corvette was produced, from a real assembly line you could hardly speak in the small factory in Flint Michigan. The first Corvettes even had to be delivered with regular car wheel hub caps, because the special Corvette caps were not yet available for production. As we all know, 1953 is the most exclusive production year, because there came only 300 Corvettes of the assembly line that year. After this first half year of production in Flint, the production moved to St. Louis to assemble the Corvettes from 1954 until mid-1981. Then the new location was ready in Bowling Green, where now the 2018 anniversary model, known as the 65 Carbon Edition, is produced. To continue this tradition, several anniversary editions have been produced. The first came after 25 years in 1978, the Silver with Anthracite Anniversary Edition. In 1988, so after 35 years, the next one came. This was a completely white version with black roof panels roof. Then in 1993 when the Corvette celebrated its 40th anniversary, the Ruby Red version was available in a Coupe. Convertible and ZR1, also the inside was entirely in Ruby Red and in the Convertible also the soft top.
Again after 10 years, the Corvette existed 50 years and this was really a milestone. The 2003, 50th Anniversary model was again painted in a sort of Ruby Red. Maybe they had a lot of paint from the previous 40th Edition. This time you could exclusively get a beige interior for this version, including the entire dashboard in this colour. 10 years later (2013) came the 60th Anniversary and this time in white with a grey stripes over the Corvette and a complete dark blue interior. On the latest Special Edition there is again a kind of white pearlescent colour sprayed on the 65th Carbon Edition and this Corvette carries the 65 Anniversary emblems and looks like a very hot C7. In short, the Corvette has proved that itis still a fabulist car and is the only American Sportscar that has been continuously built without interruption. From the first start it’s DNA is a polyester body, engine at the front and rear wheel drive and that has not changed in all those years. Although there are rumours that the new C8 will probably get a mid-engine. Meanwhile, more and more body parts a made from Carbon Fiber, in which especially weight and strength of this material play an important role.
That we do not want to let this go unnoticed speaks for itself. We (Heartbeat Corvette Club and Stingray '82) had celebrated the 60th Anniversary meeting in Arnhem together with fellow Corvette clubs 5  years ago and that was a huge success with almost 300 Corvettes that afternoon!
Now we want to equal this event and want together as Stingray '82, the Heartbeat Corvette Club, and the Dutch N.C.R.S. Corvette Club organize a large event together in Wezep in The Netherlands on Saturday 30th of June 2018. Restaurant Coelenhage is fully hired by us (including car park) and is extend with the Marienplein, because we do not only expect our Dutch Corvette owners but also Corvette owners from Germany, Belgium and other countries. We aim to get more than 300 cars to this event. Also that afternoon the famous Dutch Corvette Museum from the Boer family will be opened to view the entire Corvette history, where all Anniversary Corvettes can be admired. The first five Anniversary Corvettes are already in our Corvette Collection, and Adriaan de Vries from the firm of Henri and Herman delivers us the latest 65th Carbon Edition especially that day.
The event is on Saturday June 30, 2018 and starts from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The whole is musically supported and there are also food stands on the outdoor area, so it will be a complete happening for everyone. There will also be several exhibitors, where you can find parts, automobilia and other items. As icing on the cake, there is a charity dinner by American example. This evening is also dedicated to charity. For this we have chosen the children's hotel "Mappa Mondo" for seriously ill children in Wezep and we want to dress up this party / evening as a benefit evening. Restaurant Coelenhage will provide a cold and hot buffet that is fully catered, including the refreshments. You have to register yourself and your partner at forehand for this exclusive diner. Those who register for this can eat and drink for 3 hours at a price of 50, = euro per person. Of course, only the costs of the meal will go to Coelenhage, which will be charged to us at cost price and everything that remains will go to Mappo Monda. You should therefore register quickly, because we want to support this charity.
Also want to hold an auction, where we put all kinds of Corvette related items for sale. Everyone can make an offer via a registration (bidding list). After 2 hours we stop the bidding and proceed to the presentation of the articles to the highest bidder at that moment. The complete benefite of this auction also goes entirely to Mappa Mondo and we hope to hand over a nice amount to them. They will present themselves that afternoon with an information stand in the parking lot of Coelenhage.
So write this date in your agenda and make sure you are present at this unique event. If you have an Anniversary Corvette yourself, you can register with the organization for a special place on the fairground.
Sign up for the charity evening or sign up for your Anniversary Corvette by mail at:
Andre Boer (andre.boer@upcmail.nl ) or Johan Boer (johan.boer@upcmail.nl )
Very important is that the registration for the evening must be passed be before June 16! And the payment must then be transferred to the bank account of STINGRAY'82: NL10ABNA0474024733 with the announcement “Benefit evening Mappa Mondo” and your name. The first 150 registrations are guaranteed to participate in this benefit evening.
This event will be for everyone with a warm heart for Corvettes and are welcome to come and participate in all activities! Member or no member is no problem and further entrance to the event will be free.

65Th Anniversary meeting Flyer.

Backside 65th Anniversary meeting flyer.
..super, Danke für die Einladung Yeeah!
"A" schreibt, "B" versteht...

In bleibender Erinnerung an unseren lieben Freund Ritzelralle †12.11.2012.
[Bild: chevrolet-corvette-corvette-carbon-65-ed...24x768.jpg]
Jeder ist willkommen und der Eintritt ist frei animierte C4

Grüssen Aus Wezep

ist 2019 in Wezep NL wieder ein Corvette meeting geplant

Denk'daran,fahr'mit deiner Vette nur so schnell,
dass du die bewundernden Blicke vom Straßenrand
noch wahrnehmen kannst.
(21.02.2019, 12:46)helmut76 schrieb: Moin

ist 2019 in Wezep NL wieder ein Corvette meeting geplant


Ich glaube, das ist dieses Jahr am 20. April .  Grübeln
Gruss Uli Hallo-gruen

[Bild: 8699006ycp.jpg][Bild: 8699007oys.jpg][Bild: 8699006ycp.jpg]
(21.02.2019, 13:12)stingray427 schrieb:
(21.02.2019, 12:46)helmut76 schrieb: Moin

ist 2019 in Wezep NL wieder ein Corvette meeting geplant


Ich glaube, das ist dieses Jahr am 20. April .  Grübeln

Stimmt, 20 April ist die Meeting wieder da, ich mach mich diese woche noch ein neuen einladung!

Grusse Johan
Ich war vor 2 Jahren mit einem Freund dort. Es befindet sich ein grosses Corvettemuseum vor Ort, das lohnt auf alle Fälle anzusehn, ist also eine Reise wert. Allerdings nur einmal, ein zweites Mal fahr ich nicht mehr dahin! Ca. 110 km Autobahnfahrt mit Tempolimit 120 oder auch 1ookm zerren derart an den Nerven, das tue ich mir nicht nochmal an. Die Limits zu überschreiten ist keinesfalls empfehlenswert, die Strafen dafür treiben einen in die Insolvenz! Also höllisch aufpassen, und viel Spaß,

Gruss RainerR

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